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Amico Studios specializes in commercial photography serving the changing needs of for profit and non-profit organizations for over 30 years. By gaining a deep understanding of the mission, products and capabilities of each organization, Amico Studios provides constant and impeccable full service photography for use in marketing, high quality publications, public relations, the web and other social media applications. Working closely with each organization’s staff, we develop trust and long-term relationships. Our personalized service model and collaborative approach allows you to make the most out of your investment in our photographic services.

Amico Studios takes the assignment of reaching the public with clear and compelling images very seriously. The most important aspect of the photographer’s job is to collaborate with the client and the visionaries and leaders, administrators, writers and designers collaborating on the project to accurately produce images that demonstrate the client’s business capabilities and tell the story.

In addition to extensive photography services, we produce annual meetings, stage events and shoot and edit video. Working closely with your in-house staff, we approach each high profile event with quality and professionalism, resulting in successful and highly praised events. With years of expertise in video and theatrical production, we are able to provide directorial services when needed. Amico Studios always uses the latest photo technology. We will work closely with the printer to ensure that the images are of the caliber that you demand for your publications. We are dedicated to ensuring the best reproduction of images for all publications. Amico Studios regularly upgrades imaging programs for compatibility with the printing companies to ensure the best quality photo reproduction
         Professionalism, collaboration and engagement are the hallmark of Amico Studios.

Qualifications and Amico Studios

  1. 30 Years serving the non-profit sector of the Lehigh Valley
  2. Specializing in collaboration with the client to establish the right tone and response to the photo image, achieving an accurate and emotionally appropriate image serving the web or publication's intended audience.
  3. Over 30 years of photography work and training in creating excellent images that
    convey and capture complex services and capabilities.
  4. Additionally, a number of adjunct photographers with other specialty fields are employed as needed.
  5. Experience in stage directing and speech coaching. Directing actors and non-actors in video filming
  6. High level Secret Service clearance on recent photo assignments of such notables as Pres. Bush, Pres. Clinton and Pres Obama.
  7. Training in commercial and portrait photography, live action and documentary photography.
  8. Annual professional development training.
  9. Member of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) for over 25 years.


Certificate of Insurance available on request

Reference List available on request